From 6th November 2019 onwards, ALL patients needing an URGENT, On-The-Day Appointment will be seen on a First In, Most Unwell basis (similar to a hospital emergency department).
All patients will be:
1. Assessed by our Clinical Nurse and assigned a level of priority, based on how unwell you are.
2. Thereafter, you will be seen by the Duty Doctor, based on your urgency.
We will still be able to provide urgent scripts, medical certificates and referrals but you must be aware that you may wait longer if there are other unwell patients.
We want to ensure that patients who are unwell and need urgent medical attention are not missed and are seen in a timely fashion.
This does not change our appointment booking system withy your regular GP.
If you need an appointment with your regular GP, please book an appointment in advance, which will generally be in 2-4 weeks’ time, depending on availability.
If you have any questions please ring 03 5751 9900 and we would be happy to answer any of your queries.