Consultation Fees

Standish Street Surgery Consultation Fee Policy (updated 4th April 2023).

Pension Card Holders, Health Care Card Holders, DVA Card Holders and children under 16 years’ old are Bulk Billed. However, exceptions apply to “Procedures” and “Dressings”. Please see below.

For everyone else, a consultation fee will apply as follows:

Standard Consultation (15 min) Long Consultation / Double Appointment (20 - 30 min)
Total Fee $82.55 $138.40
Discounted Fee (if paid on the day) $77.55 $133.40
Medicare Rebate $41.20 $79.90
Out-of-pocket cost (if paid on the day) $36.35 $53.50

Procedure Room Fee

If you require minor surgery or an infusion, an additional procedure room fee of $30 will apply. This fee applies to ALL patients.

Dressing Room Fee

If you require a complex dressing costing more than $10, you will have to cover the cost of the dressing. Your nurse will advise you of the cost. A simple dressing costing less than $10 will be bulk billed.

Care Plans and Health Assessments

If you are attending for a care plan or health assessment, your consultation will be bulk billed. Please note that eligibility criteria determined by Medicare apply. Your doctor or nurse will advise you if you are eligible.